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Cleethorpes Beach
boating lake
The little boy with the leaking boot
Cleethorpes railway station ross castle
Picture above shows the Promenade at Cleethorpes and the Pier in the background.
The Pier.The Pier was built in 1872 by Head Wrightson for £8,000. In 1940 the Pier was breached fordefence measures to combat the threat of an enemy invasion and an isolated seaward sectionwas demolished. In 1985 the new owner transformed the pavilion into a modern nightclub named Pier 39 and is a nightclub to this day.
Picture left
Alexandra road
THE MERIDIAN LINE Set in the Cleethorpes coastal path is a steel plate marking the line of the Greenwich Meridian, the worlds prime meridian used for measuring longitude and calculating time.In 1884 Greenwich Meridian was established by international agreement as the line of zero longitude to be used as the standard for time reckoning throughout the world.When the Marine embankment was built between Cleethorpes boating lake and the sand dunes at Humberston Fitties in the early 1930's a metal plate was set in the pathway.If you stand on the Meridian Line with your watch showing Greenwich Mean Time then you will truely be able to tell the correct time of day. That time will be especially significant at mid-day because the word Meridian derives from the Latin word Meridies meaning mid-day.
The line of the greenwich meridian
Distances from Meridian Line
North Pole - 2517 miles
New York - 3481 miles
South Pole - 9919 miles
London - 143 miles
Sidney - 10483 miles
Moscow - 1495 miles
boating lake-Alexandra road
The Boating Lake
The discovery center, the boating lake
The newly revamped Discovery Centre tempts you to become a time traveller and journey from the extinct creatures of a vanished sea through submerged forests to Viking raids.
the new exibition for the Millennium at the Cleethorpes Humber Estuary Discovery Centre, Time is an interactive journey through time and change, our place on the Meridian and our exploration of the world.
Issacs Hill
Issacs Hill
Always a popular "chippie" Hobsons - Grimsby Road - Cleethorpes. Other popular Cleethorpes chippies include; Suthies, Beckett's and Steels.